The Screening Process

A screening mammogram (or ‘breast screen’) is an x-ray of your breast tissue. The x-ray images can detect the presence of cancers as small as a grain of rice.

If you’re over 40, you can have a FREE mammogram with BreastScreen NSW. If you’re between 50-74 BreastScreen NSW recommends screening every 2 years. This is because the majority of breast cancers occur in this age group. Mammograms are designed for early detection and can pick up changes that can’t be seen or felt.

It’s easy to book a mammogram with BreastScreen NSW and the screening process only takes about 20 minutes.



Once you arrive at the clinic, you’ll need to fill out the relevant forms.

A staff member will collect your forms and talk you through what will happen.

Step 2

Your radiographer will take you into the x-ray room, where you will remove your top in private.

They will help you get into a comfortable position. Then, when you’re ready, the x-ray machine will press firmly on each breast to take at least two x-ray pictures.

Step 3

About 2 weeks after your mammogram, you’ll receive a letter from BreastScreen NSW with the results.

Most people who get screened receive normal results. However, a small number of people will be called back for further testing. If you’re worried while waiting for your results, call BreastScreen NSW on 13 20 50.